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Taxi Offroad.

Why Buy Online Wall Clocks And Lamps Online?

Why Buy Online Wall Clocks And Lamps Online?

Why Buy Online Wall Clocks And Lamps Online?

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Taxi Offroad was established as an eco-friendly safari travel agency in Iran, in 2009. The company simply started with an idea and passion to explore within and beyond Iran’s beautiful and ‘never before seen’ nature. Vahid Torkaman, company founder alongside good friend Sepehr Jafari ,technical support ,began training and hence gaining more experience on eco-friendly safari, from the jungles of North to the mountains of West Iran and even the very harsh yet gorgeous desert in the central Iran. what was just a passion and drive became a profession, thus taxioffroad was born. As Iranian travel and adventure experts, Taxi Offroad creates individual, small group and incentive trips for travelers. Our commitment to service and years of professional guiding experience is what makes Taxi Offroad one of the leading advanture trips organizer in Iran. Taxioffroad will take you to the real bare and humbling nature there is, with skilled and experienced drivers and offroad ready four-wheeled cars you will have an adventure like never before.

Nature Lover

We love nature and our number one goal is to keep the environment as clean as we possibly could.


Every trip will be a new, never before seen, experience with amazing adventure in the wild nature in Iran.

Well Equipped

TaxiOffroad has the most suitable equipment for every trip, regardless of weather, environment or season for your leisure and safety.

100% Customizable

With taxiOffroad you can plan your own journey and we will guide you through. You will have the opportunity to map out the places you would like to visit and we will get you there safely.

Vahid Torkaman
(Co Founder)
Sepehr Jafari
(Co Founder)
Reza Alibakhshi
(Support Manager)
MohammadMahdi Torkaman
(IT Manager)


Our purpose is to bo the best!


Various activities, such as; hiking, cycling and rock climbing, paragliding, ATV, exploring into caves, historical tours and etc.


Staying with Nomads and experiencing nomadic lifestyle, includes traditional food.


Required gear for camping in regards to the nature, including; shower, kitchen facilities e.g.; fridge, camping trailers, electricity and etc.


Local tour guides in every trip and English speaking team of drivers


A brief guide before every trip , regarding the trip; introducing the historical, cultural and natural aspects of the area and also guidelines for your own safety .


TaxiOffroad will provide you with food and shelter throughout your journey. No special skills is needed , all you need to bring is your enthusiasm and love for nature , there rest will be taken care of by TaxiOffroad.


Our team of travel insiders is obsessed with finding the best things to do everywhere we travel. We want you to feel like you’re traveling with an insider, everywhere you go, every time you travel. That's our main goal here at TaxiOffroaf. As passionate travelers ourselves, we understand the value of having a trusted resource you can rely on to help you find, research and book the Iran’s best travel experiences.
We're here to help, Call or email our contact center anytime, we're always here. We might not get out much, but we know what we are talking about, which means we can actually help. And we're nice too

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A Ride in the Wild



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